“Nubeprint, it just works”

Miguel Angel Naranjo, Area Manager of Nextel Engineering Outprinting MPS, shares his positive experience with Nubeprint:

“As IT services and systems integration experts, our mission is to help organizations create business value. When customers ask us to manage their printing environment, Nextel must deliver this service at the same excellent level that the customer has experienced in the past from our other services.

This is the reason why, since 2013, we have utilized Nubeprint’s technology to meet and exceed the needs of our customers in managing their printing environments.

The reliability and accuracy of the information Nubeprint provides allowed Nextel to automate critical processes such as: consumables ordering and delivery, billing pages and the opening of technical service tickets. This automation has freed our professionals to apply their energy on advising our customers and time to identify new business opportunities.

Thanks to the high degree of customization of the Nubeprint web Panel, our customers enjoy a single access point which they can quickly edit and easily export data and review at a glance the status of their printers despite the fact they are scattered among different locations. Nubeprint has helped us to achieve the highest level of quality service on pay per use model.

Nubeprint’s continuous management of the devices allows us to proactively service the devices in the system and anticipate support requests. The algorithms that manage consumable alerts “based on how many days remain before the supply runs out” works perfectly and has helped us to reduce the number of units stored at customer sites.

I cannot forget the customer panel portal we provide to them. The Panel is not all about printer management. We utilize the banner board in the customer panel to promote a company’s major events and initiatives. This has created a bond that is perceived as a partnership with them, which creates a loyalty to our company.

Nubeprint’s CO2 savings calculator is a great tool we use to show the customer our commitment to environmental conservation. By measuring and providing real-time CO2 savings and to what level they impacted the CO2 output brings them awareness of how they are utilizing their print media. So far we have avoided the emission of 8 tons of CO2, simply because Nubeprint does what it says it does.”

Nubeprint has met our expectations, it just works!


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